This is the motto of The Consultants’ Community and I hope you can understand why. If you are a local business that relies on local custom then you need to be aware of your community.

Most businesses focus on their customers and their competitors, which is a reasonable enough strategy, but when you look a little further it is amazing what you can find. Businesses who operate in your area could become your greatest assets. If you look to connect with other business owners who complement your business, you can start to grow your network.

Once other business owners get to know you they can start referring you to their customers and you can offer your customers access to a wider network of business services. In any local business community, you don’t have to look too far to find these people. Join up with one of the local networking groups (check Facebook, MeetUp and Google, you will be surprised how many you find) or join your local Chamber of Commerce.

The other thing to try and do is meet with the people you think you compete with. You will be surprised by how often synergies between similar approaches can lead to collaboration and long-term partnerships. There are so many different ways to approach the market and finding out how your local business community fits together will help you build your business.

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