1. Who are you as a business?

2. What do you sell?

3. How can people buy it from you?

These questions are the most important factors when it comes to deciding how you operate as a business. Who you are as a business is your story. How did you get here? What drove you to start the company? Why should your customers want to know more about you and do business with? Once you know the answer to this and give the same answer consistently you have gone a long way to truly defining your business.

Next, you need to work out what you sell. Many businesses when they start out try to be all things to all possible customers. They will use phrases like “tailored to your needs” and “bespoke” but what they are actually doing is asking their customers to tell them what to sell to them. This is not always the best approach. If you can define what it is you sell and it resonates with existing pain points your customers have you are already ahead. If your customers see a solution to a problem they have in your offering they already feel you get them and where they are coming from. If they have to tell you what they, you already look like you are asking for their advice rather than the other way round.

The final questions, how do buy it from you, comes down to price. You know what you need to sell you services for to stay in business. You feel you are competitive in the market and you charge pretty much the same rates to all your customers. So, why don’t you tell people what it costs? Why do they always have to ask for a quote or an hourly rate? Be proud of your pricing.

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