No is a very negative word but it has the power to positively influence all of our lives. No is not a bad thing, it is simply a point of view, a stance, an opinion and it is ok to say it.

When you are asked questions in everyday life you don’t shy away from saying no. Would you like sugar in your coffee? No thanks. Did you want to add Avocado to that dish? No, I am good thanks. So why is it so hard to say in some situations?

When starting out in business there are two types of no that are hard. They are:

  • No, we can’t do that
  • No, I am not interested

The first one is hardest to say when you are first starting out as it usually means you are turning away work. Saying no to something outside your field of expertise is hard but it is also an important skill to learn. Do what you do well and let others do the things you are not an expert in. This will result in more time for you to do what you are best at and you can help other businesses grow at the same time. Don’t be afraid to say no and then carry on to say: but I know someone who can…

The second No is trickier for small business owners. If you are growing your business this is actually the No you need to hear and often won’t. Not everyone will buy into your business straight off, not everyone will want to sign on the dotted line, and very few people will tell you this. This no is the closure we as small business owners need to move on and rarely get. This is the no that we need so it isn’t awkward every time you run into the guy you pitched at the last networking event and this no is the one you need to hear to grow and develop. Next time you realise that you are not going to take up another business owners offer, tell them. They might not be happy about it but at least they know where they stand.

No does not always have to be negative and as long as you say it politely, and have a reason behind it, it can change the way you do business and deal with clients.

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We all do it. I have done it, my friends have done it, other business owners I know have done it. We attend an event, or even worse, host one, and get very over excited about the pictures we take and post them all over social media. “Wait a sec!” I hear you cry, this is what we are supposed to do! Pictures show the event was well attended, that shot of Geoff and Steve in deep conversation really captured the mood and the group shot taken by the staff member was a classic!

You are of course right, good event shots can really bring your post to life and increase engagement but unless you have been tagged in the photo, you are probably never going to look at the pictures that are hiding behind an opaque 12+.

When you are posting on social media think about how you use social media. You flick through your feed on the bus, you quickly glance at it on your computer when you are supposed to be doing something far more productive. You rarely have the time to look through an album. So what is the answer? You want to share all your images and showcase your event but no one will look at them all. The answer is simple, it is called Layout and it is an iOS app that creates great custom photo collages. In a few seconds this:

Becomes this:

Many become 1 and you a have a single engaging image that tells the story you want and no one has to click through to see it. Still want to share all the images? Go for it, some people always want to look for themselves, but why not do it as a link in the post? “Like what you see in the collage? See the full album here”. Just remember that people have short attention spans and, unless there is a prize to be won, they are unlikely to click through to see a bunch of photos.

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The definition of marketing is: “the action or business of promoting and selling products or services”. If you look it up in the dictionary you will find this or something similar. You won’t find anything about SEO, hashtags, social media strategy or digital content creation and there is a good reason for this.

The reason is that while these things are all part of a marketing strategy they are not where we need to start and not where you as a business owner need to focus your efforts to start with. They are delivery channels, they are ways to get your message out to a wider audience and we live and work in a period of time where the opportunities to get your message out are verging on limitless. But what does that mean for your business?

Well, it means you can get your message out to an astounding number of people in a very short period of time. It means that what you choose to shout about is heard by more people now than it ever could have been in the past and it means your marketing must never start with digital.

The more people with access to your content the more important that content becomes. If you have a shop window and put up a poster with a typo in it, a customer will probably point it out and you can fix it, no one else needs to know. You make the same mistake on social media and there is no taking it back. If the mistake is big enough you can quickly become a viral sensation for all the wrong reasons – check out this article from Inc. if you don’t believe me – These Are the Biggest Social Media Fails of 2017 –

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