We all do it. I have done it, my friends have done it, other business owners I know have done it. We attend an event, or even worse, host one, and get very over excited about the pictures we take and post them all over social media. “Wait a sec!” I hear you cry, this is what we are supposed to do! Pictures show the event was well attended, that shot of Geoff and Steve in deep conversation really captured the mood and the group shot taken by the staff member was a classic!

You are of course right, good event shots can really bring your post to life and increase engagement but unless you have been tagged in the photo, you are probably never going to look at the pictures that are hiding behind an opaque 12+.

When you are posting on social media think about how you use social media. You flick through your feed on the bus, you quickly glance at it on your computer when you are supposed to be doing something far more productive. You rarely have the time to look through an album. So what is the answer? You want to share all your images and showcase your event but no one will look at them all. The answer is simple, it is called Layout and it is an iOS app that creates great custom photo collages. In a few seconds this:

Becomes this:

Many become 1 and you a have a single engaging image that tells the story you want and no one has to click through to see it. Still want to share all the images? Go for it, some people always want to look for themselves, but why not do it as a link in the post? “Like what you see in the collage? See the full album here”. Just remember that people have short attention spans and, unless there is a prize to be won, they are unlikely to click through to see a bunch of photos.

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