What if I told you that there was a simple question that could change the way you run your business? If there was
something you could ask yourself every time you did a task at work that had the potential to make you more successful, would you be interested in knowing what that was? Most importantly, will you be honest with yourself when you answer it.

The question is: “Can you do a better job?”

Whatever the task you have just completed, take a step back and ask yourself if you could have done a better job.

If the answer is yes and you know you could have done a better job you need to look at what the reasons are as to why you didn’t. Is it a lack of time? A lack of motivation? A lack of passion about the outcome? Is it an issue you can fix so next time you can do a better job or is it simply a case of you could have done it better but you just didn’t want to?

If the answer is no and you believe you have done your best and could not have done more, but you are still unhappy with the result, it is time to admit you need help. If you can’t do it better and your best is not good enough, go and find someone who can either teach you to do it better or who can do it for you. We cannot all be the best at everything and it is impossible for one person to know everything which means it is ok to ask for help.

If you can be honest with yourself about whether you can do a better job, then the possibilities are endless.

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