When it comes to business partnerships monogamy is not always the way to go. The chances of finding one business partner who will be able to meet all your needs moving forward are very slim and can harm your business in the long run.

Don’t get me wrong here, there are partners who are perfect for you and that you may well want to form long-term, or even lifelong, connections with but odds are they just won’t be able to meet all your needs, especially as the business grows.

You need to cast the net a bit wider to increase the number of relationships your business has. Now one thing to keep in mind as you do this is that each new member of the group needs to get on with the existing members, grow your partnership group with businesses who compliment each other as you don’t want your partners to feel threatened by each other, you want everyone to feel they are valued by you for the services they provide. You also want your partners to be able to collaborate with each other for your benefit.

The key elements when it comes to successful polygamous business partnerships are:

  • Try and get all parties involved to get along and see the value of the others involved
  • Give each partner the attention they deserve
  • Make sure everyone knows about everyone else
  • If one partner needs to work with another make sure they are clear on who does what, when

If you want to explore how polygamous partnerships can work for your business book in a meeting with The Consultants’ Community and see how a group of over 20 consultants can help you take your business to the next level.