We all have a too hard basket. That place where we put those ideas we know would be great to put in place but are simply too hard to actually do. The question is are they really too hard or do we just not know the easy way to do it?

If you had asked me a year ago if I thought we would be able to develop an app or have a podcast live in the iTunes store I would have told you it was a nice idea but would cost too much money and take too much time. I would have been wrong. We launched our app mid last year (thecc.app/install) and we are now working on version 2 and our podcast has four episodes on the iTunes store and, to be totally honest, none of it was hard once I started asking questions.

We are all guilty of assuming something will be hard and then not doing the research. A simple google search will show you how easy it is to set up your podcast on iTunes. A conversation with the app developer from The Consultants’ Community will give you a clear picture of what it takes to launch your app.

If you think something is too hard then that is not a good reason not to do it. You need to know. You simply can’t be an expert in everything but you need to be aware that not understanding something does not mean it is hard, it just means you need to try and understand it before making a decision. If you have a too hard basket filled with great ideas you wrote off, revisit it, get everything out of the basket and go and show it to other people, you might find with the right support the next big thing could be closer than you think.

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