Virtual CFO | Coach | #1 Authority & Founder of PAIR Planning, business & strategic planning system

Did you know that in numerous studies it has been shown that companies with a well-conceived business plan achieve on average 3X more profitability than their industry peer group?

In addition, research indicates that 98% of business owners believe that there are opportunities to grow their businesses. But they lack a plan – only 20% had prepared a business plan.

Are you one of those many businesses without a plan?

I am passionate about helping owners to optimise, through a combination of CFO services, training, facilitation and coaching focusing on the acronym PAIR:

  • PLAN – creating the plans and strategies to meet the challenges facing your business

  • ACCOUNTABILITY – having the confrontational yet crucial conversations most business owners need

  • IMPLEMENTATION – developing 90 day plans to ensure that your objectives are achieved

  • REVIEW – regular and meaningful reporting and meetings