Founder of The People Scene

The People Scene assist small & medium sized business and organisations with satellite offices in Australia to navigate the complexities of people management.

We exist to allow business to get out of people drama and get back to doing what they love.

The People Scene provide targeted people solutions for all areas related to the “hi to bye” employee lifecycle.


  • People Management documentation – the Foundations for your business

Employment Agreements (full time, part time, casual and Award covered employees)

Independent Contractor Agreement

New Starter documentation

Policy & Process documents

  • People Management in a Box – ongoing support and advice

Support and advice on all areas of the  “hi to bye” people management lifecycle

Professional people support at the fraction of the cost of a full- time resource

Get what you need, when you need it for a price that is realistic

  • On the Ground People Management Support – HQ overseas (office in Australia with up to 150 local people)

Local support for satellite offices in Australia with a parent company overseas

Save your Company thousands of dollars by avoiding an unnecessary full-time resource, but getting the people management support that you need