In this episode, we talk with Graham Elliott from Graham Elliott Coaching & Training about one of the most critical skills for any business person, sales. We talk about: the importance of the servant mindset the power of asking questions AND listening to the answers how using a model like […]

In this episode, we talk with Simon Bedard from Exit Advisory Group about the importance of driving value in your business and how to avoid some of the common issues that often occur when you don’t work with the end in mind. Want to check out previous episodes and get […]

In this episode, we talk with Monica Rosenfeld from WordStorm PR about what public relations is all about and why it is an important spoke on the marketing wheel for any size of business. We also discuss the power of PR when it comes to magnifying your message and how […]

In this episode, we talk with Peter Crewe-Brown from PAIR Planning about business strategy, the importance of planning, S.O.A.P. and the role of advisory boards. Want to check out previous episodes and get updated when new ones are published? Click here to find us on iTunes Click here to find […]

You have spent a lot of time and effort getting your business to where it is today and while you may need to get some help or advice to take it to the next level you are not willing to take that advice from just anyone. So how do you […]

It might not sound like the best strategy for running a business but unless you have a 100% foolproof business plan and can predict what is going to happen each and every day of your working life then at some point you are going to have to take this approach. […]

We all have a too hard basket. That place where we put those ideas we know would be great to put in place but are simply too hard to actually do. The question is are they really too hard or do we just not know the easy way to do […]

So, you don’t think networking works for your business, but you are not sure why. You know multiple people who swear by it, but it just hasn’t worked out for you. The question is are you sure you are doing it right? A lot of people who have recently started […]

Questions are an essential tool for any business, but are you asking the right ones in the right way? A question can help you find out information, it can prove a point and it can help you make a sale. So, the most important question is: How do you ask […]