Questions are an essential tool for any business, but are you asking the right ones in the right way? A question can help you find out information, it can prove a point and it can help you make a sale. So, the most important question is: How do you ask
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We hear the term small business a lot these days, and October is small business month here in Australia, but the question is are you running a small business or are you running a micro business? The Australian Bureau of Statistics says you are only classified as a small business
Most of us begin our working life as an employee, there are regular paydays, paid leave, sick leave and many other perks. When we go out and work for ourselves it is all a bit different. The first major difference is that the money coming in isn’t quite as regular,
Small businesses need to think about technology on a larger scale, even if you are not using the latest tech yourself you need to be aware of what is out there and what it means for the way we do business. Cloud computing – this is one of those areas