What if I told you that there was a simple question that could change the way you run your business? If there was something you could ask yourself every time you did a task at work that had the potential to make you more successful, would you be interested in knowing […]

I have presented on this topic at conferences and I have blogged about this area before. You may be fed up with reading about it but it is a core value for me as the Managing Director of The Consultants’ Community. For a bit of a change, I won’t ask […]

Like many aspects of our lives, we can either leave things to chance and hope that they magically fall into place; or we can make a plan in order to identify, prioritise and execute the various activities required to achieve an outcome. There is also the concept of too much […]

I’ve been looking at what the major problems facing sales managers and professionals are. These are four of the most common: 1. Lack of response from prospects:  Often the biggest problem is that we are not addressing the client’s ‘why’. We make it about us, not them; how we solve a […]

When we see business people pitching on Shark Tank we hear them talk about turnover, gross and net profit, revenue, forecasts, sales and all other manner of financial measures. What we don’t ever hear is: What is your hourly rate? This is a crucial question that not many people ask […]

I recently took up golf and quickly realised that taking up golf has a lot in common with starting a business. Don’t believe me? Well maybe this will convince you: a)    Deciding to take up golf was an easy decision but then I had to make a significant investment […]

When did you last do any training? In a corporate environment, training is commonplace. You regularly sit in the boardroom while someone knowledgeable stands up the front and tells everyone how to do their job better. As a business owner, we often neglect this and it is not the right […]

The Consultants’ Community knows that it takes a community to build a business because no one person, or organisation, has all the answers. Knowing what you don’t know is crucial to business success. They are two states of knowledge: know it & don’t know it and there are two camps: […]