In this episode, we talk with Matt Tanks from Tank Productions about training, and why it typically doesn’t work. We also chat about what you can do to change that, including:

the common excuses people use, and why they simply aren’t true

how to use your own skills as a business owner as part of your training program

the value of adding to the skill set of your staff

how to become a preferred employer and what that means for your business

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When did you last do any training? In a corporate environment, training is commonplace. You regularly sit in the boardroom while someone knowledgeable stands up the front and tells everyone how to do their job better. As a business owner, we often neglect this and it is not the right move.

We don’t know everything and we are all still learning. When you start your own business it can become all-consuming and we can end up being so busy we have no time to learn new skills. All this means is that we have to make time. We have to learn how to be better at what we do and we need to keep up with what is going on in the wider business community.

Find time to train. It does not need to be expensive and if you jump on Eventbrite or Meetup right now I bet you will find a free business education event somewhere near you. Go along to a few and test them out. You will find SEO workshops, sales training sessions, tips on social media and much more. You will find local business networking groups where you can start to build your own business support network.

You are not too busy to train, it is as simple as that. Find the time to improve your business skills and you will find ways to improve your business.

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