Join The Community

If you are a business that sells products or services to other businesses and you would like to increase your sales and marketing activities, but don’t have the time, then The Consultants’ Community is for you.

The Consultants’ Community offers you a new channel to get your business offerings showcased to the market. Work presented to you by The Community will only ever consist of qualified and vetted leads, who have a clear brief on what they want to achieve.

You will also benefit from having access to a network of like-minded business people who can help you develop your own business.

Membership benefits include:

  • A sales and marketing consultation to determine what services you would like The Community to promote on your behalf
  • Membership of The Consultants’ Book Club where we will read and discuss a leading business title each month
  • A feature episode on our podcast series – The Consultants’ Conversations – talking about the business issues your company solves for its customers
  • The opportunity to contribute content to be showcased on The Community’s social media channels
  • Quarterly social networking events
  • Direct involvement in the acceptance of new members who operate in a similar industry (there is also a limit of three companies per industry)

Membership fees consist of a one-off admin and an ongoing commission structure. If you would be interested in joining The Community please get in touch.