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Back Of House

Back Of House

Debra Fraser

Helping small business owners increase profits and achieve the lifestyle they desire

Established in 2006 by Debra Fraser, Back Of House provides bookkeeping, training, workshops, e-learning and office organisation for a wide variety of small businesses.


  • Xero training: use Xero confidently and solve common Xero problems
  • Financial literacy training: identify how to be profitable, understand financial reports and terms, design your profit and pay yourself a salary
  • Creating value in your business: prepare your business to present to business brokers or finance organisations and ensure you are not generating false profits
Bambuddha Group

Bambuddha Group

Anna Sheppard

Bambuddha Group is a corporate social responsibility (CSR) agency specialising in sustainable brand development and workplace culture.

We believe in working kinder to help organisations create a competitive advantage through socially responsible strategy. The average lifespan of a company is now 15 years. Can you afford not to be incorporating what your customers and workforce care about?

Working with more purpose makes a profit, improves brand reputation and is a vital part of business sustainability. Let’s start making a change. Have a look around the website and explore our services.

Behind The Scenes Communications

Behind The Scenes Communications

Catherine Hollyman

Empowering business leaders to communicate, connect and contribute with maximum impact

Catherine Hollyman can equip you with the knowledge, skills and resources to communicate in a way that connects more meaningfully with your stakeholders, setting the stage for you to inform, inspire, educate, engage, excite, influence and persuade your teams, customers, peers and networks…and realise your potential as a leader.


  • Consulting: strategic planning and implementation to open the lines of communication throughout your business to help you build a highly engaged, high-performing team, with a culture of trust, pride and enjoyment
  • Coaching: personalised one-to-one coaching to increase your communication capabilities, confidence, presence and influence as a leader
  • Workshops: a fun, interactive way to help you uncover your unique communication and presentation style and develop the interpersonal communication skills you need to connect more meaningfully with your audiences
  • Speaking: keynote, Lunch n Learn and breakfast seminars designed to educate, inspire and empower you and your team to communicate, connect and contribute with maximum impact


Nathan Heston

“geekspeak” ~ noun (slang) jargon used by geeks, esp computer enthusiasts

…is the language of the gadget guy, gamers & programmers and is simply part of the IT landscape, but when you own, run or manage a business, you need a technology partner that speaks “business” first and “geek” second.

Welcome to bizC: IT services & solutions business people can understand.


  • Managed Services – The proactive monitoring and maintenance of IT infrastructure provided to all bizC customers greatly improves the availability of on-premises, mobile and cloud systems and services. The result: more productive staff and greater efficiencies for your business
  • Cybersecurity – Cyber-attacks are increasing in frequency, complexity and sophistication. Your employees could be playing into hackers hands. Is your valuable company data safe from ransomware & other threats?
  • Support – Computers crash, passwords are lost, email stops working…the list goes on. bizC provides comprehensive helpdesk support for your staff whenever it’s needed: during business hours or 24/7


Janahan Seelan

We are a young Australian company based in Sydney looking to bring emerging technologies to Australians. Our business model is founded on providing amazing technology at incredibly affordable prices.

Creative Kiwi

Creative Kiwi

Reyaz Jeffery

We are a fully-integrated creative production house with a strong focus on Animation video and content development. Our team has been at the forefront of developing compelling explainer and commercial videos, websites and other tools for nearly 10 years.

Importantly, Creative Kiwi specialises in bringing life to clever ideas through storytelling, design, and a wide variety of animations. Whether 2D or 3D, info-graphic or cinematic, interactive or static — we are the quirky bunch for you!

Exit Advisory

Exit Advisory

Simon Bedard

We know that there are a variety of ways people choose to exit their business. If you have a vision. We have a way to get you there.​

It’s a tough gig being at the helm of your business. You’re juggling cash flow, sales, staff and customers. You have to make all the hard decisions and it can be lonely, even with a team around you.

When you are stuck in the day-to-day, it’s hard to map out a clear plan for the business. Every business owner knows they inevitably need to exit, whether it’s around the corner or 5-10 years down the track. What will that look like? Will you sell? Can you hand the business to management? Are you preparing the next generation to take over?

You’ve invested in building your business to where it is today. Now it’s time to get clear on your end-game and build for your future. Achieve the freedom you deserve and unlock the wealth you have created in your business.

Figure 8 Finance

Figure 8 Finance

David Thomas


Figure 8 runs short finance training courses, each of which focuses on a specific aspect of finance. These intensive courses are designed to equip you with a real understanding of finance, and practical skills you can apply right away.


  • Feel clueless about finance and want to get up to speed with the basics.
  • Have the basics down, but you’d like to add a bit more depth to your skills.
  • Need to participate in the strategic decision making process but lack the financial management confidence to add value and clarity
  • Want to step up to a role that involves more finance, but you aren’t sure you have the skills.
  • Want to start a business and need to get your head around finance fundamentals.
  • Feel anxious every time someone starts talking in ‘finance speak’.
Graham Elliott Coaching and Training

Graham Elliott Coaching and Training

Graham Elliott

Why choose coaching?

Have you ever felt that something is missing in your life, even when things are going well? Or you may feel adrift, without a sense of purpose. Coaching is essentially a conversation between two people, but a conversation unlike any you have had before. A good coach will call you on your games and won’t let you get away with excuses. They will help you get to the underlying issues where real and enduring change can take place. Coaching helps you take ownership of your life so that you can move forward with a sense of empowerment.

Sales training

I believe that professional selling is a collaborative process; a win-win scenario. Helping the client to meet their needs, rather than trying to convince them to buy your ‘solution’. Most people have experienced the pushy salesperson. If you are moving into sales and do not want to be that person, the good news is that you don’t have to be. How would you feel if you could achieve consistent and positive sales results by being yourself? My sales training packages teach you effective communication skills, and how to align with your client making you the salesperson to be welcomed, not avoided.



James Killick

Throughout history, entrepreneurs have changed the way civilisation has lived and worked. Successful innovations have brought a myriad of benefits that we now take for granted – improvements to health and life expectancy, our standards of living and comfort. Innovation ensures mankind’s very survival.

Imagine if the entrepreneurs of the past hadn’t had access to the right resources to build their product. Imagine if their invention was considered too expensive to pursue. Imagine if electricity, the telephone or the internet had never been invented. We did imagine that. And that’s why we started LaunchPadD, to ensure that the next generation of innovators has the right platform to launch their great ideas!

Maple Business Management

Maple Business Management

Isobel Darmody

We manage the things that make business work

Starting and running a business is hard. You have a product to develop, clients to service, and you also have all those niggly little compulsory financial things that nobody quite understands but knows they have to do. We offer a broad range of services to assist entrepreneurs and directors in establishing and streamlining their business.


  • CFO consultancy: if you need CFO support but are not ready to commit to a full-time CFO, we can help. From analysing reports to building strategy through to representing your company at key meetings with shareholders and partners, we can act as your outsourced CFO
  • Monthly board meeting reporting: we can provide reports for board meetings including, but not limited to, management, cash flow and profit and loss reports as well as forecasts on future performance
  • BAS preparation and lodgement: when it is time to prepare and submit your BAS statement and put your end of financial year accounts together, we can help
MAYDAY Recruitment

MAYDAY Recruitment

Imogen Storie

MAYDAY is a boutique agency with one key ambition: To be your Recruitment Emergency Service!

With over 30 years’ combined experience recruiting for all office-based roles we are eager to partner with great companies to provide quality temporary and permanent staff.


  • Temporary staff: we can provide Office Support, Sales and Accounting staff at short notice for a competitive hourly rate
  • Temporary to permanent: if you find that our temporary placement would be a good fit for your business in the long term, then we are happy to arrange the transition with you and provide discounted fees based on the length of the temporary placement
  • Fixed terms contracts and permanent staff: if you need to fill a key role for a specific time period we can help find the right person or if you are ready to grow your team permanently we are happy to assist
Next Evolution Performance

Next Evolution Performance

Kate McKenna

Kate is a Human High Performance Coach with Next Evolution Performance – a global high performance coaching business focused on helping leaders, business owners, individuals and teams to maximize performance AND decrease their overall effort to ensure that high performance and therefore profitability is sustainable. Having worked in the financial services industry for over 18 years, Kate has an extensive advice background in boutique financial planning, training and relationship experience, project management, client experience and a keen interest in health, wellness and peak performance.

No Time For Grime

No Time For Grime

Adam Thomas

Commercial cleaning services. Quality guaranteed with fully qualified cleaning staff.

We understand that the quality of our cleaning service is key to retaining your business and, therefore, put in 100% to ensure a perfect job each and every time. Our work is meticulous, supported by using only the best cleaning products and equipment. We don’t leave until our high standard assurance checks are met. Your satisfaction and happiness with our work is paramount.


  • Office cleaning: when you select us to clean your office we sit with you to draw up a service level agreement (also called an SLA). This SLA will enable us to fulfil your expectations and immediately address any shortfalls
  • Window cleaning: it doesn’t take long for the windows to get dirty from the pollution in the air. If customers are looking through your windows, it pays to get a professional in to keep them looking crystal clean
  • Furniture cleaning: we understand that furniture may be one of the biggest investments in your workplace, and the sofa in reception is often the first impression people get of your company. With that in mind, you can count on our expertise to get the job done right
Northern Beaches Virtual PA

Northern Beaches Virtual PA

Lisa Bristow

The missing piece of your business.

Are you drowning in paperwork and administration tasks? Are you struggling with finding enough hours in the day to concentrate on growing your business? Do you need to improve your work/life balance? Look no further! Northern Beaches Virtual PA is here to provide you with an efficient administration and support solution and we are confident we will be able to add value to your business.


  • Overview: email and calendar management / creation and collation of documents, reports and presentations / word processing, data entry, and proofreading / producing quotes, invoicing and tracking expenses / designing templates, promotional brochures and marketing materials /meme design, social media posting and monitoring
  • Packages: retainer packages of 5, 10 and 15 hours (ideal for ongoing weekly support), out of office cover, and an hourly rate for ad-hoc engagements
PAIR Planning

PAIR Planning

Peter Crewe-Brown

Peter created the PAIR Planning system.

Peter is passionate about helping businesses to optimise, through a combination of leadership training and coaching – by implementing change based on a clear focus on Planning, Accountability, Implementation and Review (PAIR).

His areas of specialisation include C-suite team training and facilitation as well as executive/owner coaching, using his signature PAIR Planning system as the framework. He adopts a holistic approach to strategy and business planning. His driving business motto is “what gets measured, gets done”. This means that if an action appears in the business plan, it is more likely to eventuate.

Peter has 35+ years’ business and leadership experience as a Business Advisor and Coach, Advisory Board Member and Corporate CFO.

He is a Chartered Accountant and his most recent corporate role was as part-time CFO for two years for the Australian Paralympic Committee to 2017.

Peter runs a successful business growth group, focused on learning, collaboration and implementation.

The People Scene

The People Scene

Claire De Paoli

The People Scene assist small & medium sized business and organisations with satellite offices in Australia to navigate the complexities of people management.

We exist to allow business to get out of people drama and get back to doing what they love.

The People Scene provide targeted people solutions for all areas related to the “hi to bye” employee lifecycle.


  • On the Ground People Management Support – HQ overseas (office in Australia with up to 150 local people)
    • Local support for satellite offices in Australia with a parent company overseas
    • Save your Company thousands of dollars by avoiding an unnecessary full-time resource, but getting the people management support that you need
  • People Management documentation – the Foundations for your business
    • Employment Agreements (full time, part time, casual and Award covered employees)
    • Independent Contractor Agreement
    • New Starter documentation
    • Policy & Process documents
  • People Management in a Box – ongoing support and advice
    • Support and advice on all areas of the  “hi to bye” people management lifecycle
    • Professional people support at the fraction of the cost of a full- time resource
    • Get what you need, when you need it for a price that is realistic
Quest Legal

Quest Legal

Juan Perez

An innovative legal practice providing high-quality advice to clients as they grow

Quest Legal is a commercial and intellectual property practice. Our clients are located throughout Australia in all industries including technology, health, sports, retailing, professional services, imports and exports.

We prefer fixed price quoting so our clients know the costs upfront.


  • Intellectual property: brand and trademark protection/copyright and confidentiality/protecting your ideas
  • Business law: company and business start-ups/buying and selling businesses/employment/distribution agreements/contract negotiations
  • Technology and IT: software licensing / website terms of use/privacy policies
  • Franchising: establishing a new franchise / becoming a franchisee/franchising code of conduct advice
Redline Finance

Redline Finance

Mark Creighton

Fast business equipment finance Australia wide

Redline Finance provides business equipment finance for vehicles, commercial equipment and office equipment. We understand you are flat out running your business and don’t have time to deal with fussy banks to finance equipment to help you grow. Redline Finance makes it very easy for busy businesses across Australia to acquire the equipment they need in a swift fashion.


Fast & Easy 3 Step Process:

  1. Short Finance Application
  2. 24 Hour Approval*
  3. 3 Day Settlement*

*up to $50,000

Ripple Marketing

Ripple Marketing

Jonathan Sharp

Welcome to a different approach to marketing. Just effective, easy and affordable marketing, without the jargon.

A marketing company should understand you and your products – and more importantly, should understand your customers. It should also be able to talk to you in plain English – not marketing jargon – to explain what needs to be done, how, by when and how much.

That’s where Ripple Marketing comes in with a simple approach – effective, price-conscious marketing with no nasty surprises.

Roadshow Activations

Roadshow Activations

Adam Gough

When it comes to getting your brand on the road we’ve got you covered from promotional coffee carts to branded double-decker buses

RoadShow Activations provides an all-encompassing service to assist in designing, building and running corporate advertising and experiential promotional campaigns for our clients.


  • Mobile coffee vans and carts: with free coffee in branded cups at an event
  • Mobile bars: offering beverages to your clients and customers at designated events
  • Walk in food trucks: to give a business the promotional edge in a new look advertising campaign.
Russell Writing

Russell Writing

Owen Russell

Sydney’s professional copywriting, content, creative and journalism service

Russell Writing can captivate your concept, articulate your vision and produce work that will reflect your goal. Russell Writing has advanced its skill-set through educating passion and exposing its work to the reality of professionals. Here we have fine-tuned our approach, wording and business acumen to provide a holistic, diligent and inventive path to your needs.


  • Copywriting: emails / direct mail pieces / technical writing / blogs / sales collateral / newsletters / brochures
    Content writing: marketing materials / research / features / ghost writing / editorial
  • Journalism: articles / communications / reports / social media content
Tank Productions

Tank Productions

Matt Tanks

You plan for your business, you plan for your sales and profit, but what plan is in place for your people?

Matt at Tank Productions is an experienced HR and Learning & Development consultant. He will help you understand how learning can help boost the performance of your organisation as well as build engagement and passion within your team.

Simply – we are your Training Department! We understand your business and your people, identify opportunities to make learning programs work for you and then we create or source the best programs for you and your team.

Matt has a background in large corporate HR and L&D teams, along with experience supporting small to medium businesses in the local area. Tank Productions can offer a range of services, such as:

  • People performance planning and management
  • Engaging tailored workshops
  • Advice on accessing training relevant to your people and right for your budget
  • Skills Audits for your business and team members to understand current strengths and opportunities
  • Onboarding programs
  • Skills programs – such as sales, customer service, business and retail, etc
  • Management and leadership programs
  • Coaching and Mentoring
Walk Digital

Walk Digital

Chris Walker

Digital Marketing Made Easy

Walk Digital understand that ticking off all the things on your digital to-do list is easier said than done. It’s hard to stay ahead of all the digital advancements that can help you drive growth, sometimes you need a digital expert you can trust that doesn’t charge the earth… that’s where we come in.


  • Marketing automation is one of the keys to achieving major growth nurturing leads, building trust and improving customer service to increase both sales and recommendations. Walk Digital build, plan and recommend the best software, set up analytics and integrate with your website from just $900…and we can also help with content
  • Retargeting campaigns have been proven to be one of the most effective ways to attract new sales, with click-through rates up to 10 x higher than standard advertising (Interactive Advertising Bureau). Setting up an automated retargeting campaign to send a curated series of follow-up messaging to potential customers that visit your website without leaving their details is something that every business should do. We have packages starting from $900
  • Affordable monthly packages: Walk Digital also offer affordable monthly packages to take the pressure off and action all those digital jobs you’ve been meaning to get done: Social Media Management / Social Media Advertising / Email Marketing & Autoresponders / Website Management & Security
The Consultants’ Community

The Consultants’ Community

Andy Sephton

We are a group of independent consultants and service providers who work with business owners to help them develop and grow their companies. With a strong focus on the community aspect of business, we aim to work with business owners and make sure they are getting the advice and help they need, at a price that is affordable and fair.

All our members operate their own companies and this gives them valuable insights into what it takes to run a business and a greater understanding of what our clients need.


The Consultants’ Community provides management consultancy to businesses free of charge. The first time you meet with us we will simply talk about what you are looking for in terms of support for your business and how our members can help. We will then prepare a plan to meet these needs and provide more information on the consultants we feel would be a good fit for your business.

Are you interested in becoming part of The Consultants’ Community?

Click here for more information