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Behind The Scenes Communications

Behind The Scenes Communications

Catherine Hollyman

Empowering business leaders with the skills and confidence to communicate, connect and contribute with maximum impact.

Empowering business leaders to communicate, connect and contribute with maximum impact.

Catherine Hollyman can equip you with the knowledge, skills and resources to communicate in a way that connects more meaningfully with your stakeholders, setting the stage for you to inform, inspire, educate, engage, excite, influence and persuade your teams, customers, peers and networks…and realise your potential as a leader.


  • Consulting: strategic planning and implementation to open the lines of communication throughout your business to help you build a highly engaged, high-performing team, with a culture of trust, pride and enjoyment

  • Coaching: personalised one-to-one coaching to increase your communication capabilities, confidence, presence and influence as a leader

  • Workshops: a fun, interactive way to help you uncover your unique communication and presentation style and develop the interpersonal communication skills you need to connect more meaningfully with your audiences

  • Speaking: keynote, Lunch n Learn and breakfast seminars designed to educate, inspire and empower you and your team to communicate, connect and contribute with maximum impact

The Consultant’s Coach

The Consultant’s Coach

Andy Sephton

I help consultants to define their value proposition, services and pricing.

My name is Andy Sephton and I help people who are new to the world of being an independent consultant. I have been a consultant in one form or another since 2001. Over the years I have found that there are three key questions that your clients want to know the answers to before they are willing to work with you.

  • WHO are you as a business?

If you can explain who you are as a business then it builds trust and credibility.

  • WHAT are you selling?

If what you are offering addresses the pain points your clients are already facing then they will want to know more.

  • HOW can I buy it from you?

If it is clear how people can buy your services then they will have greater confidence in you as a business.

Graham Elliott Coaching and Training

Graham Elliott Coaching and Training

Graham Elliott

Sales Coach, Trainer and Presenter.


Have you ever felt that something is missing in your life, even when things are going well? Or you may feel adrift, without a sense of purpose. Coaching is essentially a conversation between two people, but a conversation unlike any you have had before. A good coach will call you on your games and won’t let you get away with excuses. They will help you get to the underlying issues where real and enduring change can take place. Coaching helps you take ownership of your life so that you can move forward with a sense of empowerment.


I believe that professional selling is a collaborative process; a win-win scenario. Helping the client to meet their needs, rather than trying to convince them to buy your ‘solution’. Most people have experienced the pushy salesperson. If you are moving into sales and do not want to be that person, the good news is that you don’t have to be. How would you feel if you could achieve consistent and positive sales results by being yourself? My sales training packages teach you effective communication skills, and how to align with your client making you the salesperson to be welcomed, not avoided.

Next Evolution Performance

Next Evolution Performance

Kate McKenna

High-Performance Coach, Next Evolution Performance | Helping people create sustainable high performance

Kate is a Human High-Performance Coach with Next Evolution Performance – a global high-performance coaching business focused on helping leaders, business owners, individuals and teams to maximize performance AND decrease their overall effort to ensure that high performance and therefore profitability is sustainable. Having worked in the financial services industry for over 18 years, Kate has an extensive advice background in boutique financial planning, training and relationship experience, project management, client experience and a keen interest in health, wellness and peak performance.


  • Why we coach: Work, life and technology are placing more demands on everyone with stress, burnout and serious related diseases on the rise. This is costly to both individuals and businesses.People in the workplace now have more flexibility than ever and can use this to achieve sustained performance, with teams being coached to “work smarter, not harder”.

  • What we coach: Understanding the neuroscience of high performance and effective ways to implement this knowledge, we apply “Personal Pace” to allow you to be as effective as possible with as little effort as possible. Applying mindset and positive psychology we teach effective high-performance leadership.

  • How we coach: Workshops can range from 3 – 300 people and from one hour to multiple days and follow up sessions. PACE Indicators are generally used to help diagnose areas for growth. Individual coaching programs are generally 3-4 months duration with express coaching sessions offered on a one-off or ad hoc basis for 30-90 minutes at a time.

Tank Productions

Tank Productions

Matt Tanks

Create. Develop. Experience

You plan for your business, you plan for your sales and profit, but what plan is in place for your people?

Matt at Tank Productions is an experienced HR and Learning & Development consultant. He will help you understand how learning can help boost the performance of your organisation as well as build engagement and passion within your team.

Simply – we are your Training Department! We understand your business and your people, identify opportunities to make learning programs work for you and then we create or source the best programs for you and your team.

Matt has a background in large corporate HR and L&D teams, along with experience supporting small to medium businesses in the local area. Tank Productions can offer a range of services, such as:

  • People performance planning and management

  • Engaging tailored workshops

  • Advice on accessing training relevant to your people and right for your budget

  • Skills Audits for your business and team members to understand current strengths and opportunities

  • Onboarding programs

  • Skills programs – such as sales, customer service, business and retail, etc

  • Management and leadership programs

  • Coaching and Mentoring