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Bambuddha Group

Bambuddha Group

Anna Sheppard

Inspirational Speaker ⭐️ Sustainable Business Strategy ⭐️ Founder and MD at Bambuddha Group

Bambuddha Group is a social impact collective specialising in sustainable strategy and creative solutions. Put simply we help organisations do well by doing good.


  • Companies who want to build profit for purpose

  • NFPs developing fundraising, impact and communications

  • Governments building collaborative solutions to social and environmental issues

  • Start-Ups building a company to change the world


  • Social and Environmental Impact, Strategy

  • Reporting (SDG alignment, ISO26000, GRI)

  • Sustainable Business Model Development

  • Ethical Brand Development/ Cause Marketing

  • People Culture and Diversity Strategy

  • Corporate Fundraising & Workplace Engagement

  • Community & Stakeholder Engagement

  • CSR Leadership Coaching Program

  • NFP Fundraiser Coaching

Working with more purpose makes a profit, improves brand reputation and is a vital part of business sustainability. Take the first step today and get in touch to discuss a complementary ethics health check.