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Exit Advisory

Exit Advisory

Simon Bedard

Business Sales and Acquisitions | Growth and Exit Strategies | Maximise Company Value | Exit Planning


If you answered yes, you may fall into the 88% that have no exit plan. But before you tell me that you’re not planning to exit anytime soon, keep in mind:

  • An EXIT PLAN is part of your GROWTH PLAN

  • An EXIT PLAN will help you systematically INCREASE THE VALUE OF YOUR COMPANY

  • An EXIT PLAN is like insurance

  • An EXIT PLAN maximises value in BUSINESS SALES


95% of entrepreneurs don’t get the valuations they want when they sell. We help business owners maximise their company value, and effectively plan their exit.


We help business owners that want to build something of value & exit at the top of their game.

Our solutions include:

  • ESTIMATE COMPANY VALUE. Our proprietary system benchmarks your business against the 8 things buyers want & will pay a premium for. This system is trusted by over 30,000 companies

  • EXIT OPTIONS & EXIT PLAN. Once we understand your goals, we explore your EXIT OPTIONS, measure your EXIT READINESS & conduct GAP ANALYSIS. This will form the basis of your EXIT PLAN

  • MAXIMISE COMPANY VALUE. Some business owners plan to exit in a certain time-frame. Others at a specific valuation. We show you how to maximise company value within your own personalised exit plan

  • BUSINESS SALES. As a licensed broker, we help people buy & sell businesses every day. Whether you want to sell now, or in the future, we can maximise the sale price, & minimise the stress

PAIR Planning

PAIR Planning

Peter Crewe-Brown

Virtual CFO | Coach | #1 Authority & Founder of PAIR Planning, business & strategic planning system

Did you know that in numerous studies it has been shown that companies with a well-conceived business plan achieve on average 3X more profitability than their industry peer group?

In addition, research indicates that 98% of business owners believe that there are opportunities to grow their businesses. But they lack a plan – only 20% had prepared a business plan.

Are you one of those many businesses without a plan?

I am passionate about helping owners to optimise, through a combination of CFO services, training, facilitation and coaching focusing on the acronym PAIR:

  • PLAN – creating the plans and strategies to meet the challenges facing your business

  • ACCOUNTABILITY – having the confrontational yet crucial conversations most business owners need

  • IMPLEMENTATION – developing 90 day plans to ensure that your objectives are achieved

  • REVIEW – regular and meaningful reporting and meetings