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Nathan Heston

Principal Consultant at bizC pty ltd

bizC provides IT services & solutions business people can understand and is firmly embedded in the SMB space with a primary focus on the “S” (including start-ups). The 5 key areas where bizC can help your business are:

  • Cybersecurity– small businesses are increasingly the target of cybercriminals. Ransomware and mobile device malware are just two threats becoming more prevalent amongst SMBs

  • Continuity – you may be running scheduled backups of your business systems and data, but have you ever checked whether you can successfully restore from those backups?

  • Insight– knowing what’s going on within the IT services your business provides the basis for a proactive approach to maintenance for maximum service uptime

  • Support– business-critical work won’t be completed on time if the device you’re working from shuts down without warning. It’s hard enough to quickly get help if you’re at home or in the office, but what about when you’re travelling?

  • Advice– it can be difficult navigating through the ever-changing technology landscape and hard to find trusted IT advisors who will help you find your way




Janahan Seelan

CTO at BoonCave Pty Ltd

BoonCave provide affordable mobile solutions for businesses looking to adopt emerging web and mobile technologies.

We are a young Australian company based in Sydney looking to bring emerging technologies to Australians. Our business model is founded on providing amazing technology at incredibly affordable prices.

  • Automate your business – we build end to end web and mobile solutions that focus on great design and write once, run anywhere technology to bring you game-changing software.

  • Create your own app – BoonCave allows you to create your own beautiful, feature-rich, Business App



James Killick

Managing Director of LaunchPadD, helping Entrepreneurs and business owners create tech solutions

Throughout history, entrepreneurs have changed the way civilisation has lived and worked. Successful innovations have brought a myriad of benefits that we now take for granted – improvements to health and life expectancy, our standards of living and comfort. Innovation ensures mankind’s very survival.

Imagine if the entrepreneurs of the past hadn’t had access to the right resources to build their product. Imagine if their invention was considered too expensive to pursue. Imagine if electricity, the telephone or the internet had never been invented. We did imagine that. And that’s why we started LaunchPadD, to ensure that the next generation of innovators has the right platform to launch their great ideas!


  • Custom Software: We build custom software and web apps that work seamlessly across all platforms, bringing your business to your customers, wherever they are

  • Pitch Decks: Whether you’re looking to invite investment, or pitch your product, idea or app, we’ll design and build you a tailor-made presentation

  • Custom Made Features: Looking to add new features to existing content? We’ll upgrade your existing technology and bring new life to your applications