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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell me a bit more about the app?

The app is designed to give you a unique inisight into your working week and help you value your time. By using it for just a week you have the potential to find out how to do more of what you like and make more money at the same time.

Do I need to be connected to the internet to use the app?

Yes, our app is web based so you will need to be online.

Will it use data from my mobile plan or internet provider?

Yes, as it is a web based app it will use data so please be aware of this.

How do I access the app from different devices?

You can use the web browser on your favourite device and simply add the app’s web address (theccapp.com.au) as a bookmark. You can also add the web page to the home screen of your favourite device and (as long as you are online) it will behave like a normal mobile app.

Do I have to enter my time in 1 hour blocks?

On your main activities page, there is +1 hr button as a quick way to add time but you can also click on the existing listing to edit the time manually. When you are entering the time you spend on an activity in this way you can add 0.1 of an hour to represent 6 mins.  

Can I delete entries or reduce the time I have entered?

Yes, just click on an existing listing and click the bin symbol in the top right corer to delete entries or edit the number of hours to reduce the time you put in.

Does the app only monitor activity for 5 days?

​​No, it can be set to any duration you want and can even be set to automatically track how long you have been using the app for. When you first start using the app we have preset the duration to 5 days to keep it simple but you can change this at any time.

If you go to your profile you will see the switch by “Set activity Duration Manually” has been selected and activity duration has been entered as 5 days. Just click on the 5 to change the number of days. You can also toggle the switch off and the app will automatically monitor how long you have been using it for and apply this information to your stats.

If you have any other questions about how the app works or feedback on its functionality please let us know by emailing us: info@theconsultantscommunity.com.au