WordStorm PR

WordStorm PR

Monica Rosenfeld

Public Relations Specialist building credibility for brands through media exposure/Keynote Speaker/PR & Media Trainer

At WordStorm PR, we roll up our sleeves and dive head-first into public relations. PR princesses are not our thing.

A Sydney-based PR agency servicing clients Australia-wide, we provide a full spectrum of down-to-earth public relations services that deliver effective campaigns to meet our clients’ expectations and goals. We specialise in consumer and lifestyle brands, encompassing health, beauty, food, fashion, travel, franchises, consumer technology and parenting.

So what sets WordStorm PR out from the rest? Thanks to the cumulative wealth of experience behind the team, we know how and when to pitch to ensure our media releases get a look-in from time poor or stressed journalists. It goes without saying that we play in the social media space and utilise this valuable medium to spread the word about our clients.

As a member of the Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA), we are at the forefront of the most recent research about the public relations industry. Whether our clients are looking to boost brand awareness, credibility or sales, the WordStorm PR team knows how to achieve these goals. Creating integrated, creative and relevant PR solutions is what we do. And we do it well.


  • PR – establishing you as the ‘go-to’ expert for your industry in mass media

  • Media Training – you’ll leave the customised media training workshop feeling confident and equipped with the skills and techniques to excel in any media interview

  • Book Boost PR – so you’ve written a book, now you need to market it. WordStorm PR implement a detailed PR strategy with clear KPIs

  • Award Submissions – WordStorm PR will research relevant awards you can enter, draft and submit your award entries

  • Lumosphere – an influencer outreach tool that helps you choose and work with the right influencers for your brand

  • Speaking – keynote and workshop presentations designed to show audiences how to use the media’s thirst for content to their advantage

  • Presentation Training – Monica’s 3-hour workshop will transform your presentation from bland to brilliant and ensure you are confident on stage

Benchmark Media and Entertainment

Benchmark Media and Entertainment

Paul Sullivan

🎥 Award Winning Founder and Executive Producer for Benchmark Films – Screen Producer Media and Entertainment

BME is an end to end result ‍‍‍driven media company providing a service from campaign content strategy right through to production, delivery and launch.

We specialise in creating content across all platforms, from TVC’s to Online Content, TV Series, and Film our clients and partners benefit from our in-depth experience and award-winning creativity.


  • Sales Reels & Internal Comms: Understanding a company’s brand and exploring their DNA helps us create extremely successful sales reels that organisations use for increasing their own business, starting recruitment campaigns, and training a company’s work ethic. Internal communications are an increasingly important part of an organisation’s spend. We dedicate the right amount of time to ensure employees of organisations are kept informed and motivated

  • Content: At our core, we are a multimedia company with the knowledge and experience to create memorable content that delivers real return on investment for clients and brands. Corporate Videos are a thing of the past. We design and produce award-winning campaigns, product launches and internal communications that are relevant to the modern audience

  • TV Commercials: The BME team works closely with advertising agency producers and creatives delivering great results for brands and service companies

Next Evolution Performance

Next Evolution Performance

Kate McKenna

High-Performance Coach, Next Evolution Performance | Helping people create sustainable high performance

Kate is a Human High-Performance Coach with Next Evolution Performance – a global high-performance coaching business focused on helping leaders, business owners, individuals and teams to maximize performance AND decrease their overall effort to ensure that high performance and therefore profitability is sustainable. Having worked in the financial services industry for over 18 years, Kate has an extensive advice background in boutique financial planning, training and relationship experience, project management, client experience and a keen interest in health, wellness and peak performance.


  • Why we coach: Work, life and technology are placing more demands on everyone with stress, burnout and serious related diseases on the rise. This is costly to both individuals and businesses.People in the workplace now have more flexibility than ever and can use this to achieve sustained performance, with teams being coached to “work smarter, not harder”.

  • What we coach: Understanding the neuroscience of high performance and effective ways to implement this knowledge, we apply “Personal Pace” to allow you to be as effective as possible with as little effort as possible. Applying mindset and positive psychology we teach effective high-performance leadership.

  • How we coach: Workshops can range from 3 – 300 people and from one hour to multiple days and follow up sessions. PACE Indicators are generally used to help diagnose areas for growth. Individual coaching programs are generally 3-4 months duration with express coaching sessions offered on a one-off or ad hoc basis for 30-90 minutes at a time.





James Killick

Managing Director of LaunchPadD, helping Entrepreneurs and business owners create tech solutions

Throughout history, entrepreneurs have changed the way civilisation has lived and worked. Successful innovations have brought a myriad of benefits that we now take for granted – improvements to health and life expectancy, our standards of living and comfort. Innovation ensures mankind’s very survival.

Imagine if the entrepreneurs of the past hadn’t had access to the right resources to build their product. Imagine if their invention was considered too expensive to pursue. Imagine if electricity, the telephone or the internet had never been invented. We did imagine that. And that’s why we started LaunchPadD, to ensure that the next generation of innovators has the right platform to launch their great ideas!


  • Custom Software: We build custom software and web apps that work seamlessly across all platforms, bringing your business to your customers, wherever they are

  • Pitch Decks: Whether you’re looking to invite investment, or pitch your product, idea or app, we’ll design and build you a tailor-made presentation

  • Custom Made Features: Looking to add new features to existing content? We’ll upgrade your existing technology and bring new life to your applications


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